The answers to the frequently asked questions below will give you more insight into wedding gown shopping at Tiffanys Bridal. Can’t find the answer to your question below? Please contact us to help us better serve you!

1. Do I need an appointment? How do I make one?

Appointments are highly recommended. We want to be sure we have someone available to give you the personal attention you need when you enter our boutique, and navigating our selection is much easier with a stylist at your side and prepared to answer all of your questions. Please schedule your appointment using our appointments page or call us at (804) 273-6303 during our business hours, Tuesday through Saturday.

2. What should I bring to my appointment?

All of our gowns have built in support, meaning they typically do not require extra undergarments. However, most brides prefer to wear a strapless bra when trying on gowns for modesty purposes. It’s not necessary to bring the shoes you plan to wear until you have purchased a gown and are having it altered.

3. How long should I expect an appointment to last?

We schedule our appointments for an hour and a half, which we usually must adhere to more strictly on Saturdays when we are almost always fully booked. Weekday appointments are more flexible and can often take longer. End of day appointments must be scheduled at least an hour and a half prior to closing time (Visit our Contact Us page for business hours).

4. What are the price ranges of the gowns that you sell?

Wedding gowns range from $500 to $3,500. Bridesmaid, Flower girl and Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom gowns range from under $130 to $350. A minimum deposit of 50% is required to place your order.

5. What sizes do you carry?

All of our gowns (except samples on sale) are special order gowns. Therefore, you try on a sample gown in one size (usually anywhere from an 8 to a 14). Your stylist will adjust the gown to give you an idea of how it will look an enable you to walk out to a mirror pedestal, even though it will not necessarily be in your size. We also carry plus-size gowns, which are stocked in sizes ranging from 16W to 26W, some of which are adjustable to fit multiple sizes. When you place your order, your size is determined using the designer’s size chart (see “How do you determine what size I will wear?”).

6. How can I have the best experience Tiffanys has to offer?

Please make an appointment to ensure you will have a stylist throughout the process. Generally, fewer people make appointments on weekdays, and therefore you may have a longer time to shop and more mirror space if you make a weekday appointment. We recommend that you bring up to four of your closest family and friends to your appointment. We gladly accommodate larger parties, but it is often overwhelming for the bride to have more than four guests. Take a moment to browse our designers’ websites (see our Designers pages), look though bridal magazines, or create a Pinterest board of your favorite styles to share with your stylist. If you want to be even more confident, learn about the different silhouettes and a little bridal-gown lingo by reading our article featured in Richmond Weddings magazine.

7. Am I allowed to take pictures?

Certainly! We encourage you to take photos so you can remember your favorites as you make your decision, with one exception: unfortunately, we are not allowed to permit photos of Maggie Sottero gowns until the gown to be photographed has been purchased, a rule enforced by the company which we must respect in order to carry this exquisite line of bridal gowns.

8. How do you determine what size I will wear?

When you order a gown, a stylist will take your measurements. Each designer has their own size chart, and your stylist will show you where your measurements fall on that chart. The bride is allowed to order any size she chooses. If your measurements fall between sizes it is best to order for the larger measurements. Gowns can be taken up, but may not have extra fabric to be let out. Gowns are not cut to your measurements — your measurements are taken to determine the size you require based on the designer’s size chart. We advise that you choose a size based on your largest measurement. (Note: most designers use European size charts, and therefore the size ordered is often two or three sizes larger than the size of your street clothes). Expect alterations, which are an additional charge, to make your gown fit perfectly. You may have your gown altered by our alterations department, or you may take it to any tailor of your choosing.

9. What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, personal checks and cash. A minimum deposit of 50% is required on all special order items.

10. After my order is placed for my wedding gown, how long will it take for it to arrive?

We place each order within 24 business hours of your purchase date to ensure the earliest ship date possible, no matter the date of your wedding. Average arrival for special order gowns is 4 to 6 months; lead time varies by designer, but after you select your gown we can determine a more accurate ship date for that specific gown. Rush and super rush shipping is available from most designers for an extra charge (the exact amount for each depends on the designer). Keep in mind that most gowns require alterations, so factor in additional 3 weeks for alterations prior to your wear date. If you plan on having portraits made, consider the date of your portraits your wear date (consult your photographer for an accurate estimate, but portraits may need to be taken 1-3 months prior to your wedding date if you plan on displaying the portrait at your wedding).

11. Where does the designer ship my gown when it is ready?

Special order gowns are shipped to Tiffanys Bridal. Designers will not ship directly to the bride. Once the gown arrives, we will inspect the gown. The bride will be called immediately upon arrival of the gown, and at that time you may make an appointment for a fitting. If you prefer that we ship the gown to you without a fitting, all packages are shipped ground UPS unless you request and pay for a two day or overnight shipping. There is a charge for shipping and insurance. All gowns and accessories are insured. We will confirm your address before shipping.

12. How long should I allow for bridesmaids gowns to arrive after ordering?

Bridesmaids gowns take 12-16 weeks to arrive after ordering. Rush and super rush is available from most designers for an additional charge. Keep in mind that extra time may be needed for alterations. We order all of your bridesmaids’ gowns at the same time to ensure that all of the gowns are cut from the same dye lot of fabric. Therefore, the order won’t be placed until we receive size selection and deposit from the last of your bridesmaids.

13. How can I make sure my bridesmaids’ gowns are the best fit possible?

Make sure your bridesmaids get measured properly. Bridesmaids are welcome to visit Tiffanys and have one of our stylists take their measurements, but we understand that bridesmaids often need to measure themselves due to time and distance constraints. Ask your bridesmaids to follow these guidelines to measure twice to be sure. The most common mistake is that bridesmaids measure too far down for their waist measurement. The waist is measured at the smallest part of the torso, above the belly button, not where you wear your jeans. Also, your bust measurement is not your bra size: be sure to measure your bust with a measuring tape as you would your waist and hips. Guessing your size is not advised: every designer a specific size chart and the sizes can vary greatly. You could wear a 6 by one designer and a 10 by another designer (most follow European size charts, and therefore the size needed might be two or three times larger than street clothes). You can always have a gown taken up, but you may not have enough fabric to let a gown out. The bridesmaids gowns are not cut to your measurements. It is best to order the size closest to your largest measurement, and although we will advise you based on the size chart, you choose the size you would like to order. XL is usually necessary if you are 5’9″ or over. Please consider the heel height you will be wearing.

14. When are your big sales?

We usually have two sales annually; normally one in winter and one in summer, subject to change. Sales dates and times are announced on our website and Facebook page. All sales are final, and merchandise is purchased as is (any alterations are made at an additional charge and require an appointment).

15. Do you accept returns?

All sales are final. This final sales policy is consistent with the bridal industry standard. Designers do not keep gowns in stock, and therefore your special order gown is cut just for your order. We cannot return a gown to the company, and we cannot cancel the order once it is placed.